examples of our services

CX Intel Platform

Drive customer delight and loyalty with GenAI insights with Re:Adapt’s secure, cloud-based managed service solution.

-potential benefits-
50-60% Contacts can be prevented
20-30% Customer churn reduction
5-10% Cross-sell increases

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LLM Automations

LLMs, with features such as retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and the ability to connect your organisation’s data, present numerous innovative automation opportunities.

-potential benefits-
10-20% EBITDA uplift
Talent development and retention
‍Faster time-to-decision

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CX Dashboards

Creating metrics that show what matters to customers and how well that is being done. A great way to get people focused on whether current efforts are improving the customers’ view of the service.

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Customer Sentiment Analysis

Text mining and analytics to gather reviews and other sentiment data across multiple sources and understand what’s working for customers and what’s not. We can also track changes in sentiment over time. See which products are hot and adjust orders accordingly.

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Market Basket Analysis

Increase sales by uncovering associations between items purchased and ensuring that the right products are recommended to customers.

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Retention and RFM Analysis

Reduce customer acquisition cost and increase customer lifetime value by understanding the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary dimensions of customer behaviour. Uncover reasons for customer churn and detect a potential churn event so that it can be prevented.

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services approach

We help management, marketers, product managers, and cx teams rediscover their data to take meaningful action on insights from a simple but effective approach:

1) We meet with clients to understand their strategy and the relevant business questions

2) We explore with client teams the data available to confirm the current situation. We often repair data, find new data, and combine data to discover new insights of performance from the customers' point of view

3) We then come to an understanding with clients about the situation, setting up experiments and metrics that track real improvement

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