Who we are

Helping companies make better decisions

We leverage data and customer focus to give organisations a purposeful path to better performance.

Re:Adapt’s purpose is to help clients solve better problems and make better decisions. This requires learning about what is important to not only our client, but also understanding how our client achieves its purpose in its customer's terms.

Many insights come from learning about the previously unknown–we prefer to help clients generate new knowledge that leads them to see their business with a different perspective and support change.​

We find that working together with our clients to discover new things creates more lasting value. We prefer to participate in the client decision to act and help them learn about the results.

Jason Frank
Managing director

Jason brings 25+ years’ experience in Canada, Japan, and the UK to the nexus of data analytics and corporate finance. He founded and grew a data science team at ITOCHU’s portfolio company ETEL (Kwik-Fit) in 2016 and simultaneously developed methods to bring company purpose and the customer’s view into the analytics. He has worked with Daimler, Citigroup, HSBC, NTT Data and other large corporates and led many advanced analytics projects over the years. He has a background in portfolio company investment management, M&A and management consulting, specialising in advanced financial modelling. He was also Chairman of the car sharing tech start-up Hiyacar, has an MBA from INSEAD and is a qualified management accountant. He is fluent in English and Japanese.

Thomas Masters

After research experience across an array of scientific disciplines straddling physics and biology, with multiple publications in international journals, Thomas joined the Analytics team at ETEL in 2017. Whilst there, he developed and led numerous analytics projects across the business including spatial analysis, financial analysis, controlled testing and causal inference, stock profiling, pricing and risk management. He is now focussed on helping businesses to understand and create value from their data, for the benefit of their customers. Thomas has a PhD from UCL in biophysics and is conversant in Mandarin.

about the value we provide

What is Re:Adapt? 

We are a consultancy that uses data science and other advanced analytics techniques to help businesses make better decisions.

Do you work with startups?

We love rapid-growth businesses developing their understanding of product-market fit. There are all kinds of metrics that we can help you build; all manner of analytics and experiments that can help you grow more quickly and sustainably.

Have you worked with investors?

We've worked with investors in early-stage, small-caps, and midcap companies, often with their financial modeling and the data wrangling necessary to cover the trickier financial and commercial due diligence. We also have worked in portfolio companies at the request of investors.

Can you work remotely?

We can work fully remotely, allowing us to complement any team or project organisation.

Can you help individuals on short notice?

Yes, we can sometimes help people get unstuck when they need help with the analytics for something in their present work. Even if it's a small piece of work we're happy to talk about how to supercharge what you're working on.

What can you do for corporates?

We have decades of experience working in corporate environments. We often find interesting insights that were hiding in plain sight or call out a nuance that can become a serious factor to improve profitability or growth.

Why work with Re:Adapt?

Our common-sense approach to connecting the advanced analytics we do for you to what matters to your customers. It sounds obvious but it's surprising how often this north star is relegated to a lower priority in pursuit of shiny things. We're scientific in our approach but always put our customers - and yours - first.

How do I get started with you?

Book a call with us to discuss what matters to you and what problems you are trying to solve.

Our beliefs

We like clients willing to think differently

We may receive requests from clients for only a data-driven picture of a situation in their business-- which is a start--but we prefer clients that want to make a new decision or change how they work based on our help.

Challenging dogma

It's astonishing to see the number of plausible business approaches out there that simply do not deliver value for our clients. We help them sift through what really works and what management methods are distractions.

Need for decision speed

Clients sometime say that the analytics takes too long and they need to make a decision more quickly. We're suprised that it's often these organisations that take an inordinate amount of time to make a decision once the analysis is complete. Were they ready for a counterintuitive result? How do managers avoid denial of uncomfortable truths brought to the surface? The best clients follow the insight from the data, make a decision, and continue testing and learning.

Bringing a little more science to business

It's often hard to measure the counterfactual when measuring the effectiveness of a business decision. However with some good practices from the scientific method and some management thinking that is more accepting to designing tests and looking at data a certain way, we can help clients see more signal and less noise.

Customers drive us

Clients that are constantly trying to see things through the eyes of the customer are inspirational. They are the ones most likely to take well the less flattering insights about themselves and work with us on experiments to improve how they do what really matters to their customers.

Analytics is a broad discipline

Clients that use analytics to make better decisions across their entire organisation--product development, marketing, finance, pricing, supply chain, customer experience and more--more often have teams across the business that see eye-to-eye. They prefer facts to make decisions, and see failure as an opportunity to learn something. They take a more scientific approach to working which helps them evolve more quickly than their peers.

Variation tells its own story

We've participated in countless business conversations where managers made decisions based on a month-on-month change in one dataset or another, which has no valid basis if the change is down to normal variation in the business system. We love working with clients that know this lesson and look for the statistically significant areas on which to act. One can really get more by doing less.

Speed up your analysis and enable your people with us