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We believe in the good that startup companies can bring to our society and wish to support them. We demonstrate this support with discounted fees for all early-stage companies.

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about the value we provide

What is Re:Adapt? 

We are a consultancy that uses data science and other advanced analytics techniques to help businesses make better decisions.

Do you work with startups?

We love rapid-growth businesses developing their understanding of product-market fit. There are all kinds of metrics that we can help you build; all manner of analytics and experiments that can help you grow more quickly and sustainably.

Have you worked with investors?

We've worked with investors in early-stage, small-caps, and midcap companies, often with their financial modeling and the data wrangling necessary to cover the trickier financial and commercial due diligence. We also have worked in portfolio companies at the request of investors.

Can you work remotely?

We can work fully remotely, allowing us to complement any team or project organisation.

Can you help individuals on short notice?

Yes, we can sometimes help people get unstuck when they need help with the analytics for something in their present work. Even if it's a small piece of work we're happy to talk about how to supercharge what you're working on.

What can you do for corporates?

We have decades of experience working in corporate environments. We often find interesting insights that were hiding in plain sight or call out a nuance that can become a serious factor to improve profitability or growth.

Why work with Re:Adapt?

Our common-sense approach to connecting the advanced analytics we do for you to what matters to your customers. It sounds obvious but it's surprising how often this north star is relegated to a lower priority in pursuit of shiny things. We're scientific in our approach but always put our customers - and yours - first.

How do I get started with you?

Book a call with us to discuss what matters to you and what problems you are trying to solve.

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