Customer Experience Intelligence

Drive Customer Delight and Loyalty with Generative AI (Gen AI) Insights

Re:Adapt’s secure, cloud-based managed service solution (CX Intel Platform)

Re:Adapt is dedicated to enhancing customer experience (CX) by deploying GenAI insights drawn from all customer interactions. By revealing patterns and insights at scale, Re:Adapt enables businesses to better understand their customers, meet their needs, and exceed their expectations. Our data-driven CX Intel Platform is designed to foster customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Potential improvements

  1. 50-60% Preventable contacts identified = cost down, revenue up
  2. 20-30% Customer churn reductions
  3. 5-10% Cross-sell increases

1. Contact prevention: Contact Centre Costs Down and Customer Satisfaction Up

Our CX Intel Platform uncovers rich CX insights across your customer base, identifying systemic gaps, root issues, and real reasons for complaints. This enables businesses to prevent issues which reduces the number of customer service contacts, lowering contact centre costs. Doing things right for customer the first time raises customer satisfaction (CSAT, NPS) at the same time.

2. Retain More Current Customers

Re:Adapt tracks changing sentiment and identifies the underlying factors driving it. This allows businesses to respond promptly and effectively, leading to higher customer satisfaction. We can also advise on how to understand the latent causes for current performance and how to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

3. Drive Profitable Customer Behaviour

Re:Adapt identifies the factors driving repeat transactions and higher loyalty by customer segment or use case for the same customer. By harnessing GenAI and machine learning (ML), we analyse customer feedback to expose cross-sell and upsell opportunities, driving profitable customer behaviour.

Wider implications

Customer-Centric Organisation Development With Gen AI-Driven Insights

We help you build a more customer-centric organisation based on what matters to customers, across all of the multichannel customer journey.These insights can be seen by all levels of the organisation which creates executive understanding and support for the right initiatives to improve CX. This speeds the increase of customer satisfaction where services are delivered right the first time.

See the multichannel customer journey

Re:Adapt’s comprehensive analysis of customer interactions helps businesses understand customer needs and expectations more accurately. By analysing unsolicited feedback, Re:Adapt provides deeper insights into customer sentiment and behaviour, allowing businesses to tailor their strategies accordingly.

Re:Adapt also helps businesses understand which customers prefer human interaction over automated responses. By analysing customer interactions and feedback, businesses can identify segments of their customer base that may not respond well to automation, allowing them to tailor their approach to meet these customers' preferences.

  1. Re:Adapt goes beyond traditional surveys to create a comprehensive and accurate view of your customer base and their expectations.
  2. By gathering insights from 100% of customer interactions, rather than just a sample, we reveal unexpected trends and drivers of CX.
  3. Our CX Intel Platform analyses feedback across all channels at scale, providing a comprehensive view of customer expectations.This helps businesses easily identify trends and experience gaps, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve CX.

Better CX Insights for All

One of the key benefits of Re:Adapt's customised cloud managed service is its ability to analyse the proportion of customer contacts that can be prevented in your specific organisational context. By identifying common issues and addressing them proactively, businesses can reduce the number of customer contacts, leading to more efficient operations and higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Ensure that CX insights are accessible across the entire organisation, helping to drive growth based on customer conversations.
  2. These insights assist executives and team members alike understand what’s working and what’s not, and help inform decision-making.
  3. By democratising data, Re:Adapt enables all teams to see CX insights which drive better experiences.
  4. Our CX Intel Platform alerts frontline teams of the next best actions, ensuring that critical insights are routed to the teams who need them most.

Quickly Develop Customer Delight

Re:Adapt provides a feedback loop that is crucial for accelerating product-market fit. By continuously gathering and analysing customer feedback, businesses can quickly identify areas for improvement and adapt their products and services to better meet customer needs. This iterative process ensures that businesses remain aligned with market demands and stay competitive.

  1. Identify customer needs to inform the product and service roadmaps to prioritise improvements where it matters to customers.
  2. Our CX Intel Platform helps organisations take the right actions to improve CX and uncover cross-sell / upsell opportunities.
  3. This drives better experiences, higher satisfaction, and increased loyalty.

Getting Started

We listen to your unique circumstances and learn what you are looking to achieve by understanding your customers better. We then start a scoping exercise to ensure all stakeholders are happy with the approach, as well as review the data to be analysed. We then build insights for your team’s review, learning from the insights and iteratively fine-tuning the approach to ensure the analysis is delivering the insights necessary to achieve the desired improvements. Re:Adapt can also advise on further methods to discover hidden insights to learn and improve based on these analyses.

The first step is to discuss your interests; email us at to set up a call.