How can I tell whether I am doing what matters to my customers?

This is a common refrain from customer service organisations, but often met with methods of varying effectiveness. Re:Adapt can help you measure what matters and tell you whether real improvement is happening in the eyes of the customer.

The problem for service organisations

Whilst organisations have all manner of measures and metrics on financial performance, does an improvement in one of these areas keep customers coming back or telling others about your service? Sales may be a lagging indicator of success, but seeing sales go up or down does not inform an organisation’s people what they should do differently. We find that organisations need measures and metrics that relate to what matters to customers so people at the front line can lead change. Imagine all of your people knowing what they should be working on to make more customers happier about their experience. NPS will not do that either–so you have a score of 7, what comes next–nobody really knows.

The solution

Re:Adapt can deploy its capabilities in text analytics and stitching together various sources of data to give clients an end-to-end view of:

  1. What is important to the customer at each stage of value creation (understanding their own problem, choosing the type of service to solve that problem, and receiving the service in the way that that customer wants it)
  2. How and how well the customer is served
  3. Where the friction for customers is
  4. What organisations can do to improve their business flow
  5. Where things are improving from the customer’s point of view

This is placed into a dashboard that is not only for top management, but also for people at the front line to see what they should work on and how their improvements are bearing fruit.

We have seen this method is highly motivating for staff members as it gives them a clear view on where the pain points are for customers and whether their initiatives are working. Re:Adapt also has specific methods to cut through the noise and give a data-driven read on what is working and what is not.

Clients often divert spend from paid marketing campaigns to this effort because it develops the service to one that is better for customers.This results in better conversion, less churn, higher value per customer, and more organic growth–all of which makes growth more sustainable, in addition to reducing the costs of dealing with complaints and waste.

If you are looking to make your service best-in-class, contact us at where you will see the insights we can help you bring to the surface. Do more with less by enabling your people to rapidly improve your customer experience and bottom-line at the same time.